Making Sustainability Inclusive and Accessible

Jhánneu is a Instagram and YouTube influencer focused on low waste living and sustainable beauty. She also speaks about the necessity of inclusivity for sustainable brands and how access to sustainable products and services impacts who can benefit from them. Links: Jhánneu’s Instagram: Jhánneu’s YouTube Channel: Music: “Long Road” – Picasso of theContinue reading “Making Sustainability Inclusive and Accessible”

Preparing Delicious Solutions

My guest this episode, Faiez Rana, founded the plant based, all organic, locally focused, zero waste food prep company ‘Prep to Your Door’ with his now wife, Heather.  We discuss how they got started, the motivation for and challenges to staying sustainable while scaling the business, and how small businesses & start ups can beContinue reading “Preparing Delicious Solutions”

Using Films to Spark Movements with Josh Fox

This weeks guest is Emmy award winning and Oscar nominated documentary filmmaker and environmental activist Josh Fox. Josh also worked closely with the Bernie Sanders campaign in both 2016 and 2020 as a spokesman for the anti-fracking movement. We discussed Josh’s films, the environmental movement and its evolution, and how we can come out ofContinue reading “Using Films to Spark Movements with Josh Fox”

Beyond Sustainable Fashion

This episode was just as much an introduction to the sustainable fashion industry for me as it may be for some of y’all. Diandra has got you covered on which clothes to buy and which you might want to avoid. Follow her on Instagram to keep the education going!     Links:  Continue reading “Beyond Sustainable Fashion”

Mushrooms Can Do It All

They aren’t just a great source of vitamins and minerals. Mushrooms are being used to heal mental illness, replace styrofoam packaging,  repair soil, fight invasive plant species, and even consume plastic waste?!? Sam the Fungi and I spend the better part of this episode discussing these uses as well as some other intriguing aspects ofContinue reading “Mushrooms Can Do It All”