Mushrooms Can Do It All

They aren’t just a great source of vitamins and minerals. Mushrooms are being used to heal mental illness, replace styrofoam packaging,  repair soil, fight invasive plant species, and even consume plastic waste?!? Sam the Fungi and I spend the better part of this episode discussing these uses as well as some other intriguing aspects ofContinue reading “Mushrooms Can Do It All”

Empowering People to Grow Food

Roman and Chelsea are empowering people to grow their own food with an easy to use home gardening service that sends you everything you need to grow organic herbs, and soon veggies, as well as feeding you all the information you need to succeed via smartphone app!  We discussed their startup, as well as foodContinue reading “Empowering People to Grow Food”

The Great American Comeback Story of Hemp

Hemp: it’s whats for breakfast, and what the breakfast came in, and the label on your breakfast, and the fuel that got you to your breakfast?!?! The potential uses for hemp are seemingly endless, and in this episode we dove into the details of a few of them as well as discussed the history ofContinue reading “The Great American Comeback Story of Hemp”

Soil is Everything

Soil is everything when it comes to repairing the Earth’s ecosystems, bringing back biodiversity, cleaning our water supply, and overcoming climate change. My guest on this episode, Pete VanDyck is a bit of a soil enthusiast and makes his living building out permaculture and regenerative agriculture projects and educating others on how to do theContinue reading “Soil is Everything”

Topic Tuesday: Cradle to Cradle

Topic Tuesday is back! This is a video series I started on Instagram (@philthefixer) that focuses on a new topic of sustainability in the built environment each Tuesday. This week I am sharing with you an episode on Cradle to Cradle, which is a biomimetic approach to the design of products and systems that models humanContinue reading “Topic Tuesday: Cradle to Cradle”