Getting Everybody Growing Food

Timothy Hammond aka Big City Gardener and I discuss his influence on his instagram (@bigcitygardener) making content teaching his followers how to grow their own food and how we can go about getting more people into gardening. Links: Tim’s website Tim’s Instagram : @bigcitygardener Tim’s Youtube Music: “Long Road” by P.O.S. aka Picasso of theContinue reading “Getting Everybody Growing Food”

Starting a Career in Environmentalism

Zahra Biabani aka Soulful Seeds and I discuss her blog, her experience with environmental studies in university, and how young people can go about choosing their next step on their journey to a career in sustainability and/or environmental activism. Links: Zahra’s website Zahra’s Instagram Music: “Long Road” by P.O.S. aka Picasso of the South

Black Lives Matter, Environmental Justice, & Community Action

A lengthy chat on environmental activism during the current state of the U.S. and how we as a movement are adapting and growing as we examine the intersections between racial and wealth inequality and environmental issues. Joined with Brandon Vondera & Christopher Moken, the co-founders of the upcoming Elementz Fest (A sustainable music & artsContinue reading “Black Lives Matter, Environmental Justice, & Community Action”

Making Sustainability Inclusive and Accessible

Jhánneu is a Instagram and YouTube influencer focused on low waste living and sustainable beauty. She also speaks about the necessity of inclusivity for sustainable brands and how access to sustainable products and services impacts who can benefit from them. Links: Jhánneu’s Instagram: Jhánneu’s YouTube Channel: Music: “Long Road” – Picasso of theContinue reading “Making Sustainability Inclusive and Accessible”

Preparing Delicious Solutions

My guest this episode, Faiez Rana, founded the plant based, all organic, locally focused, zero waste food prep company ‘Prep to Your Door’ with his now wife, Heather.  We discuss how they got started, the motivation for and challenges to staying sustainable while scaling the business, and how small businesses & start ups can beContinue reading “Preparing Delicious Solutions”