Video Portfolio

As a freelance videographer I have worked with several eco-friendly Central Texas small businesses as well as with larger national brands in creating video content and building creative solutions to advertise their work.

I am currently Media Director at Intersectional Environmentalist where I produce  video + audio content.

I am available for video shoots locally in Central Texas Thursday – Sunday.

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Yotta Energy is an Austin solar storage startup who recently won 2019 Startup of the Year at Solar Power International.

Intersectional Environmentalist is a platform for resources, information and action steps to support intersectional environmentalism and dismantle systems of oppression in the environmental movement, led by environmental activists and sustainability advocates.

This project illuminates the diverse histories within the environmental movement that are often overlooked, watered-down, or entirely erased. Throughout the video’s progression, friends of IE unpack the vital contributions that Black, Indigenous + people of color have made to the environmental movement. Our goal is to support these often-overlooked narratives + the original stewards of our lands; encourage folks to reclaim their relationships with nature; and amplify initiatives that are creating a more just + equitable future for all people + the planet.
To say that the 2020 elections are important is an understatement; now more than ever we need everyone to use their voice + vote for change. Check out why some of our IE team and community members are voting and why they believe voting matters.

New Quantum Logo

Quantum New Energy is a Houston-based technology company founded by energy industry veterans. Their science-based sustainability platform, EnerWiselyTM optimizes energy consumption. EnerWisely turns energy consumption data into personalized intelligence to empower everyone to make smart energy choices that save energy, reduce costs, and cut carbon emissions.


Clean Power Marketing Group helps renewable energy companies identify and connect with people and organizations seeking the benefits of clean energy and sustainability solutions.

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