Trash, TikTok and Turning Frustration into Positivity

On this episode I speak with Caulin Donaldson, TikTok star who picked up trash in his native Tampa, Florida community for 500 days straight. We talk about a variety of topics all tying into how to use positivity to inspire people to action.

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Music: “Long Road” – Pablo Po$ AKA Picasso of the South

Making the Connection between Spirituality and Environmentalism

Marina Qutab, also known as Eco Goddess online, is a passionate spiritual activist, lifestyle blogger, and digital creator who uses her platform to educate and inspire people to live more ecologically conscious lives. We discussed the connections between spiritual growth, community involvement, and environmental activism, as well as how gardening and aligning nature can teach us all valuable lessons on how to be better at showing up for all of those things.

Marina Qutab

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Music: “Long Road” – Pablo Po$ AKA Picasso of the South

Using Comedy and Social Media to Fight Conspiracies, Disinfo, and Golf

(Recorded on January 15th, 2020) Abbie Richards is an eco-communicator, comedian, and social media icon. She catapulted into online stardom by spearheading the #CancelGolf movement, landing her some mentions on SportsCenter. She then shifted her sights onto conspiracies + the world of disinformation, reaching the masses once again with her conspiracy chart. Outside of all that she is currently pursuing a Masters degree and hopes to find her career lane at the intersection of climate change and disinformation. This was by far the longest podcast I have ever done, also it was one of my favorites.

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Music: “Long Road” – Pablo Po$ AKA Picasso of the South

Respecting, Preserving, and Restoring Populations of Native Fauna

Jack Schonhoff of ‘Jack’s World of Wildlife’ strives to showcase ethical animal treatment + education through entertaining content. He is on a mission to spread a love and fascination for wildlife and our environment to the young and old alike. We discussed the state of dwindling biodiversity, climate change and it’s impact on habitats, and how creative content can inspire the next generation to care more deeply about the planet and its inhabitants. Jack also told some stories of his travels filming native animal populations around the world.

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Educating on Dismantling White Supremacy in the Environmental & Vegan Movements

Isaias Hernandez is the creator of Queer Brown Vegan where he makes accessible environmental education content. As a Queer, Brown, and Vegan environmentalist, he seeks to provide a safe space for other like-minded environmentalists to engage in the discourse of the current climate crisis. On this episode we discussed his journey to doing this work, how veganism, social justice, and environmentalism all intersect and are impacted by white supremacy culture, and how we all can do a better job at speaking to these topics.

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Music: “Long Road” by PABLO.POS aka Picasso of the South