The Social, Environmental, and Economic Transition That Will Change Everything

On this episode we explore the mind of the extremely passionate and ever-evolving socioeconomic and environmental activist, Edward Amirault. From permaculture to pleasure activism we discuss how society will evolve and attempt to survive the great social, environmental, and economic transition that is already upon us.



“Long Road” by Donovonn¬† (Intro and Outro)

“Untitled” by Cuyo Pilli (Edward’s music moniker)



Breakroom Breakthroughs: Electric Cars

On this 2nd and final Breakroom Breakthroughs episode of the podcast, 3 of my coworkers and I ramble on about electric cars while sipping sparkling water and trying not to lament on the fact we all just got laid off.

“Long Road” – Donovonn

“Untitled Track” – DJ Cuyo